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8 Street, NW, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 6P1

Various Types of Hearing Aids in Medicine Hat

If you are looking for different types of hearing aids in Medicine Hat, don't look any further than Medicine Hat Hearing Centre Ltd. Check out some of the hearing aids we carry.

 Behind-the-ear hearing aids: Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are one of the most common hearing aids. As the name suggests, these hearing devices sit discreetly behind your ear. In these devices, the sound is transmitted into your ear through a tube that runs into the ear canal.

 In-the-ear hearing aids: These hearing aids are custom-moulded to fit the shape of your ear. In-the-ear hearing aids are hardly noticeable as they come in flesh tone colours. They are ideal for moderate to mild hearing loss.

Did you know that hearing aids do more than just mere amplification? Like your fingerprints, your ears are unique, and so are hearing losses. You need to see a professional who can help you get a hearing aid that caters to your unique hearing needs. At Medicine Hat Hearing Centre Ltd, we endeavour to improve your hearing health with better aids. Call us to schedule an appointment.


Very Knowledgeable

“Great staff and very knowledgeable. Kept me informed throughout the whole process.”

- Chris N.

Knowledgeable Professional

“Great knowledgeable professional...thank you Karla.”

- Blair T.

Excellent Place

“Excellent place to get your hearing checked.”

- Stanley D.

Friendly and Welcoming

“Excellent customer service. So friendly and welcoming. I can hear clearly now! Definitely recommend.”

- L. Heron

Spectacular Service

“We were traveling from husband's hearing aid broke down. We stopped and asked for help....and hearing aid was repaired on the spot! Pretty spectacular service! Thank you!”

- James C. D.

Friendly and Professional

“Excellent the staff was very friendly, and professional, I really enjoy how easy it is to access the office building. Parking is available in front of door. This is very convenient with a close restaurant and grocery store all on the same street.”

- Tannis A.

Turn to Us for Hearing Aids

We will conduct all the necessary tests and trials to determine which hearing aid suits your hearing needs.

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